Here is the latest shipping updates:

  • As of Sept 9th, they are currently shipping July 15th-21st.  By Saturday, they expect to be finished with that week.
  • By next Wednesday, Sept 16th, they will be finishing orders from July 22nd-25th
  • A new Product Alert list is expected out on Thursday. Please remember that items on back-order are not included in the dates above, but they will split ship so that the other products that are available will ship.  Please refer to Product Alert List before calling customer care regarding your orders.
  • All FridgeSmart orders will be shipped by Friday
  • All Vent ‘n Serve Sets will ship by September 30th

Direct Shipments from Mexico & Partial Deliveries

Great news! As part of our ongoing efforts to improve the speed of production and shipping, we are now beginning to ship U.S. orders of certain products directly from the plant in Mexico, rather than routing them first through our plant in Hemingway, South Carolina. Please note that this will cause split/partial deliveries. Items produced or stored in Mexico will come in one delivery, and items from Hemingway in a separate delivery.

The packing slip will only indicate what’s inside, but a sticker on the box will say PARTIAL DELIVERY. Tracking information will be provided on both shipments, and if you send STATUS OR plus order number to 89273, you will receive two responses, one for each shipment.