Getting Ready to Lead in Direct Sales

By Dana Phillips.

If you’re thinking about becoming a leader someday, here are some things you can do right now to help you prepare.

Learn your compensation plan:  Make sure you understand the basics of how people make money. Study the levels and pay close attention to the next two levels you want to achieve.

Research success behaviors: Find out the expectations of successful leaders in your company.  Don’t focus on the minimum requirements.  Focus on the behaviors that successful leaders do at the next two levels.

Hang out with successful leaders:  Associate with people who are achieving goals and are dedicated to reaching goals similar to yours. Get on calls, go to meetings, and shadow a leader to observe the things she does to be successful.  Have an open mind and soak up all the knowledge possible to become the best in whatever you do.

Cultivate a success attitude: Be persistently positive and consistently active in moving closer to becoming a leader.

Start recruiting now:  Don’t wait until you know how to do it.  Just begin sharing with others and asking their permission to sit down and visit about your opportunity.

Build your datebook with selling opportunities.  More appointments mean more sales.  If you are in a party plan, fill your book with more parties.

Start setting goals: Set your goal to promote to the next level.  Set sales goals. Set contact goals.  Successful leaders are goal-setters.