Tina-why do we keep running out of weekly offers so quickly?
There was actually a lot of product available, but since reps received advance notice of this offer we believe that part of the problem is reps placing large orders the minute they open and gobbling them up. That’s not a very nice thing, but people get greedy. We are supposed to be a non-inventory business, but there are people that decide to do things differently. Tupperware is looking at limiting quantities.
Tina-why can’t they forecast better?
There’s two issues here. Not all reps are holding parties at this time, but they are selling 1:1 and via fb groups. They are not registering parties up, so Tupperware does not have good numbers to use for forecasting. Second, is not everyone with parties up is registering them either. This is why we have started a parties up drawing.
Tina-why can’t they just make more?
Every piece of every product requires a mold. Each of these cereal storers has a container, a seal and a cap. If they were to go back into production for these, it would take 6 molding machines, which means that those 6 machines would not be making product for our upcoming offers, which would create other issues. Therefore, all sales specials will be WHILE SUPPLIES LAST.
Tina-What can I as a team member do?
Two things: Register your parties up so they have more accurate numbers for forecasting. And create a TupperConnect link for every party and direct customers to order their own. That takes you out of the middle.