WOW! So much information! What were a few of your AHA’s?
If you missed the meeting, watch the replay. Several gifts need to beclaimed!
Here’s the recipe
Here’s a great tool to use for yourself and prospective new team members. Money for Christmas
How much do you want to earn for the holidays? Right now we have 24 weeks until Christmas. Holding 1 party per week you can see just how mich money you can earn. Willing to hold more than one party per week? Multiple the figure by 2-3-4 or more to see how much you can earn.
Use this with prospective new consultants too. Start the coversation with “How much would you like to have set aside for Christmas this year?” Then show them how much they can make by starting their business. Each week, move over a column, since there’s one less week.
Check out our Facebook album for Christmas in July memes