Susan Okoga, Director

Name:   Susan and Glenn Okoga

Team name: Special Friends

Date Joined: March 1980

Family Info: Spouse: Glenn

Where you live: Aiea

Career before becoming a Tupperware Director: Preschool Teacher upon joining and currently Director of Queen Emma Preschool

Top reason you joined Tupperware:  I joined TW to make extra money without having to work evenings and on weekends. I needed something flexible and a part-time job that I didn’t need to dress up to go to work as I dressed pretty comfortably and casual working with young children.

I didn’t grow up with Tupperware but being the youngest of five children I helped my mom prepare dinners every weekend for my sisters and their families. She taught me how to prepare, cook and serve meals that were not only delicious but looked good too.

So using the products, believing in them and sharing the benefits was easy! Also the flexibility was great and I was able to work Tupperware around my full-time job.

I also met my Special Friend, Glenn, and he immediately joined me in my Tupperware business. He was amazed as I pointed out all the awards I had earned but was thoroughly convinced as he accompanied me on earned trips.  Together we work the Tupperware business and sharing with others.

What is your “passion”? My passion is sharing the products and benefits of Tupperware! Everyone can benefit from our quality products which save time, save energy, and save money. Everyone wants to prepare healthy meals for their family without spending hours shopping or in the kitchen.   They want their home to be organized and Tupperware has the products to use in every area of their home. And they want MORE!!

Families want MORE whether its vacations, private school for their children, more flexibility in their work schedules, new home, new car, more time with their family and more money for all the rest. Parents today also want to fulfill their own dreams.   They work hard but want to play hard too!

I love helping people see the benefits of our company, see their dreams and learn how Tupperware can help make their DREAMS come true!!