Traci Fernandez, Two Star Director

Name: Traci Fernandez

Team name: I Ku Mau Mau

Date Joined: 1st time January 1990, 2nd time October 1999

Family Info:  Robert spouse, Dustin son 28, Dylan 22.  Pets Kimo 5 year old half pit bull, half golden retriever, opihi grey and white tabby cat, Melemanu 7 month old fluffy kitty and our forever beloved Foxy Roxy girl rip 2005-2015

Where you live:  Mililani

Career before becoming a Tupperware Director: Medical Transcriptionist

One of the reasons I joined Tupperware is to earn extra income the first time and the second time for the first week I thought I was joining for the discount.  That changed when I had my Grand Opening and saw my Manager Christina Wright-Ahsam drive up to my party in her beautiful, new van.  I immediately changed to wanting a car through Tupperware’s car program.  I worked really hard building my personal business through parties and helped my team to do the same.  Through long working hours I achieved this within a year.  Now having no car, insurance, registration, tire or glass payments for 17 years has been such a blessing for our family!  I have always loved having flexibility in my business allowing me to spend time with our family and be a very successful executive business woman.

My passion is that I love working with people our customers, hosts and consultants.  It gives me pure joy to see how happy people are when they receive our product especially when they win…LOL!  My question to you is “Who wants to win?”  When the host gets her host gifts and how excited she is I just love that.  I cannot explain the feeling of seeing Tupperware consultants accomplish even the smallest things.  I am overfilled with joy when consultants Move Up with Tupperware and accomplish even bigger things.  It is very touching to me and just warms my heart.  I love to work with consultants in growing their Tupperware businesses.